Hot Issue – Kickick Line Dance HOT ISSUE Choreographed by : Kickick Line Dance – Pooi Kuan (June ’12) Music : Hot Issue by 4minute Descriptions : 64 count, 2 Wall Dance starts after the first 40 counts PART A Section 1 : Step Touch, Step Cross, Full Turn Unwind, Step, Kick 1-4 Step RF to R, Touch LF beside RF, Step LF to L, Cross RF over LF 5-8 Unwind full turn to L over two counts, Step RF to R, Kick LF diagonally forward Section 2 : Step Touch, Step Touch, Walk back 3x, Touch 1-4 Step LF to L, Touch RF to R, Step RF in place, Touch LF to L 5-8 Step LF back, Step RF back, Step LF back, Touch RF beside LF Section 3 : SkateTouch Diagonally 4x 1-4 Skate RF diagonally forward, Touch LF beside RF, Skate LF diagonally forward, Touch RF beside LF 5-8 Repeat 1-4 Section 4 : Walk forward 4x, Step & Bend body forward, Shoulder Roll 1-4 Step RF forward, Step LF forward, Step RF forward, Step LF forward, 5 Touch RF forward & bend body forward 6-8 Slowly roll shoulder back to upright position transferring weight to LF Section 5 : Out, Out, Back, Touch, Drag, Hip Bump 1-4 Step RF diagonally forward, Step LF to L, Step RF back, Touch LF beside RF 5-8 Step LF diagonally back, Drag RF to LF, Hip drop R bump twice Section 6 : Out, Out, Back, Touch, Drag, Hip Bump 1-8 Repeat Section 5 Section 7 : Samba Steps 1&2 Cross RF over LF, Turn ¼ R & Rock LF to L, Recover on RF 3&4 Cross LF over RF, Rock RF to R, Recover on LF 5&6 Repeat 1&2 7&8 Repeat 3&4 (6:00) Section 8 : Small steps run back, Right

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